What is a Headache?

Headaches are one of the most common medical complaints of civilised humanity, however, a severe headache is only infrequently caused by a serious underlying disease.

What causes headaches?

A headache originating from the neck is the most common type of headache (tension headaches). Other varied causes are eyestrain, sinus disease, neck injury (e.g. whiplash), tension headache from stress, poor posture etc., migraines, jaw misalignment (e.g. following dental work).

There are other more serious causes such as infection, hemorrhage and brain tumor. If you are experiencing headaches that are different to previous headaches, are intense, and not relieved by changes in posture, rest or over the counter medication. In this case, it is recommended you see you doctor/emergency department to ensure it is nothing more serious.

What causes tension headaches?

A common presentation with tension headaches is an increase in the muscular tension at the base of the skull with pain locally and possibly referred to the forehead and eye area. The tightened muscles and joint restrictions (from poor posture, stress, injury etc.,) in the upper neck, contribute to reduced mobility, and irritation of the local nerves and blood vessels.

What should you do if you have a headache?

if you have a headache due to trauma/accident you should consult your doctor/emergency department immediately to ensure it is nothing more serious. Otherwise, you should consult our therapists who will be able to help you in identifying the cause of your pain and treat the problem.

What should you not do?

If you have a headache you should not ignore the problem and continue with activities that will make it worse. Not treating the problem may lead to the pain getting worse and prolonging your recovery.

How much treatment do you need?

If your headache is immediately diagnosed and treated appropriately, recovery will usually take a matter of days to weeks. If your headache is not managed appropriately, it does have a tendency of re-occurring.

Treatment and management of your Headache.

Our therapists will help you with the treatment and management of your headache. Our therapists can assist in diagnosing the problem, which may require a referral for further investigations and imaging. With the diagnosis we will be able to determine the severity of the problem and the appropriate treatment and rehabilitation plan necessary for the pain to settle and to reduce the chance of the pain re-occurring.

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